Limited spots available, Contact Rick  {ASAP}  at 501-821-3791
 or email me  at for info. and to book your spot

May  2-7, 2016
Rick will have a class/Hunt in Abilene, Tx

   "How far is that? Don't know, don't care!





Rick has designed this bow with four charactoristics in mind: Smooth draw, Quiet, High Performance,& Very Forgiving.If you are looking for maximum performance in a Recurve bow,you have found it.

Base price for the Dakota Pro Hunter is $1100.00 This model will have a carbonized core in the limbs, which greatly optimizes limb recovery, and increases speed.

Dakota Recurve stats are as follows:

* 50lbs draw weight

* 30" draw

200 FPS.

* 400 grain arrow

* Stack- 2-lbs per inch

* Length 58"-61"-64"