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May  2-7, 2016
Rick will have a class/Hunt in Abilene, Tx

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Unlike the one piece longbow, the Dakota Pro Hunter Longbow is a three piece take-down model. This unique bow was  built for those who had the desire to shoot a longbow but at the same time didn't like the performance, as well as dealing with hand shock, and not enough mass to hold the bow still at full draw. With the Dakota Longbow you will no longer have to deal with the lack of control of the old style longbow. The innovative design of the Dakota Longbow puts just the right amount of mass weight in your hand for a rock solid draw, and a controlled release. With the Dakota Longbow you get the best of both worlds, a smooth draw, virtually no hand shock, whisper quiet, and the most forgiving bow you'll ever shoot. 

Base price for the Dakota Pro Hunter Longbow is $1100.00 This model will have a carbonized core in the limbs, which greatly optimizes limb recovery, and increases speed.


* 50lbs draw weight

* 30 inch draw

* 400 grain arrow

190 FPS.

* Stack- 2.5 lbs per inch

* Length 60"-64"

Dakota Bow Risers

* Our risers are designed and engineered with the concept of being more accurate and less critical to shoot, while being extremely comfortable in the hand.

* We recommend a moderate brace height to allow for more arm clearance during the shot.

* The shelf is cut 1/8" past center and designed to provide the least amount of resistance, and the maximum clearance needed for clean arrow flight.

* All Dakota bows are designed to have take-down capability. Designed and built to put at ease the minds of those who are hesitant of purchasing a take down bow. Our take down bows have as much constructional intergity as any one piece bow.

Advantages of a take-down designed bow over a one piece designed bow are:

* Over all mass weight of the bow, which makes for a more consistent shooting bow.

* The ability to purchase interchangeable limbs of different draw weights, as opposed to having to purchase an entirely new bow.