Limited spots available, Contact Rick  {ASAP}  at 501-821-3791
 or email me  at for info. and to book your spot

May  2-7, 2016
Rick will have a class/Hunt in Abilene, Tx

   "How far is that? Don't know, don't care!




All Dakota Custom Bows are designed to have take-down capability. Designed and engineered to to put at ease the minds of those who are hesistant to purchase a take-down bow. Our Dakota Custom Bows have as much constructional integrity, as any one piece bow.

The advantages of a take-down bow, over that of a one piece bow are:

* Overall mass weight of the bow, which makes for increased shooting consistency.

* Ability to purchase interchangeable limbs, of different draw weights, as opposed to buying an entirely different bow.

* Disassembly & compactness for travel, that no one piece bow can match.